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Flavio Rodrigo Orzari Ferreira, 39, gay, brazilian, artist, lives in Brussels. He is a performer, lighting designer, videomaker and art educator.


He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Scenic Arts from State University of Campinas – UNICAMP (2004), a Specialization Degree in Psychopedagogy from FHO – UNIARARAS (2012), a Specialization Degree from UCB (2013) and a post-master degree in Performing Arts in A.PASS (Advenced Performing and Scenography Studies – 2020). Master's degree in videography and speculative narration at the École de Recherche Graphique (ERG) - Instituts Saint Luc in Brussels.


Member of the group “MiniCia Teatro”, he has been a performer, director, light designer and lighting equipment operator in the plays: “Acusação á uma Atriz” (2014-2017) (Accusation against an Actress), “Anoiteceres” (2010-2011) (Nightfalls), “Melhor não Incomodá-la” (2008-2010) (Better not bother her), “Abaixo das Canelas” (2006-2008) (Below the shins) and “Seis Personagens à Procura de um Ator” (2004-2005) (Six characters in the search of an Actor).


Among other artistic works, he stands out for his participation in the plays: “Catléia” (2004-2005) directed by Verônica Fabrini; “Terror e Miséria no Terceiro Reich” (2003-2004) (Terror and Misery in the Third Reich) and “A Morta” (2006) (The Dead), both directed by Marcelo Lazzaratto. He is currently part of the group " Teatro Kunyn", with whom he performs the program Ku*radorya on YouTube Channel (2020-2022). His latest works as a performer and dramaturg are: the solo The Ghost Scar (2019-2022), and the short film Fantasma Pédé (2022) in a post-production phase.


He has worked for over 15 years as an art educator at both public and private Elementary and Secondary Schools. Currently he is a videomaker at a Creative Agency that produces Educational materials called EMME, headquarted in Campinas, Brazil.

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